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Friday Playlist

Double header. I just couldn't choose. Adrienne by Albin de la Simone and Vanessa Paradis was stuck in my head, but I want this weekend to sound like Ten Cent Blues by Eisley. 

I guess we'll see. Happy Friday!

Black and White

This was my babysittying outfit for Saturday night. It was promptly vomited on by a sick baby, but I think it looked cool all the same. 

Shirt: J Crew

Pants: Anthropologie

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Urban Outfitters

I thought black and white was the coolest filter for this photo, which a lovely girl patiently took of me at the bus stop. She may have thought I was weird, but was very obliging, so thank you random stranger! I also think I look a bit like a vampire because my eyes are so black. But everyone in my film/tv bootcamp class typed me as a vampire, so I guess that's a good thing. 


Muah ha ha.

Friday Playlist

What a week this has been. Roller-coaster-kind-of-week. Let's try a sassy pick-me-up, shall we?

Change by Hey Ocean. Happy Friday!

Summer(ish) Style

I can't believe I have yet to put a style post on the ol' blog. It's May. It's MAY! The lusty month of May. And up until recently it was the cold and miserable month of May. So here's a little summer-inspired style that I cannot WAIT to wear in Croatia. (Did I mention I'm going to Croatia? No? I JUST DID.)

Dress: Anthropologie

Belt: Vintage Anthropologie (aka last year)

Necklace: Rainforest Café. I'm not even kidding. Make your own geode necklace for like $5. 

Earrings: Cool street vendor in Edinburgh

Ring: Vintage

Watch: Vintage American Eagle Outfitters (I know, what am I, 15? Whatever, it's still cute.) You can get a similar one on Etsy or at World Market

Shoes: Steve Madden


Friday Playlist

Jesus, etc. 

Sometimes a cover is my favorite version of a song. In this case, Norah Jones comes pretty close, but I'm gonna call it a tie. Wilco's arrangement is what I hear first, but Norah...
Good for a rainy weekend. 
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