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CHERRY PIE. Get it??

A lot of my lovely Facebook friends decided I should start a vlog. And WHAT BETTER WAY than to post some awesome baking videos? Below are a few episodes from the epic cherry pie saga of 2015, complete with musical numbers and just enough swearing to keep it restricted on YouTube. Enjoy!


End result?

Friday Playlist

I'm getting real bad at posting regularly. Probably because I'm addicted to The Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind. I've been listening to it for weeks thanks to Mike. Anyway, I'll let the Ditty Bops take over with "Ooh La La."

Haaaaaaaappy Friday!

Friday Playlist

I can't stop listening to this album. Thanks, Ingrid Michaelseon. 

Hapy Friday! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend. :)

Tea and Cake

I threw a lovely tea party this Monday for some of my castmates, and of course being the idiot that I am, took no pictures. I made my grandmother's banana cake with cream cheese frosting, egg salad tea sandwiches on wheat and salmon canapés on rye with a dill & chive cream cheese. I served four different kinds of tea, a creamy earl grey, a white tea with mulberries and coconut, a green tea with pineapple and toasted walnuts, and peach fruit infusion. 

It was delicious. 

And I have NO PICTURES. 

Except this one, with some leftover banana cake, peach tea, and blueberries. Sigh.

And yes, that is a bowl of leftover frosting.


Upon our return to the States, Mike and I went and did a little exploring in our home town. We found a cool antique shop, America's Treasures, that hosts some pretty amazing finds. Now, I'm a novice antiquer, but I know when I find something I love to just SNATCH IT UP. Because you might not get another chance!


Among the cool things we got was this awesome wooden art piece that we got for (I kid you not) $16. SIXTEEN DOLLARS. And we also got some other cool treasures like silver goblets and a good nautical shadowbox. All for under $60. If you're out in the West Chicago suburbs, give this place a look-see, and I promise you won't regret it. They have some amazing furniature amid all the nifty tchotchkes. 

Found it lying against a table

It's one of my favorite items I've ever collected, and it fits perfectly in our bedroom. I'm giving myself major high fives for this one, guys. 


Up on our wall!