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Friday Playlist (Vacation Edition)

Hey guys, thanks for being so patient with the my absence. (Not that this is the blogging hotspot of the internet or anything.) We are safely home from Dubrovnik, and I could not have had a better trip. This Friday, I'm not sure what to play but I enjoy this Vampire Weekend song more than most and it has a vacationy feel, so let's just go with it. 

I also heard Kiki's Delivery Service in my head quite a bit, so here's that as well. It's not the original, but I love this song. So much. Like I listen to this all the time. 

Yay vacation!

Sitting outside the city walls



Hey everyone! So I"m hosting a tea party in a few weeks and decided to be super crafty and make the invitations myself. I am uhb-sessed with stamps and even though the rustic thing is theoretically going out of style, I can't help but think stamps will be around forever. The classic font, the fun shapes, the colors, the DIY-aspect. Stamping is cheap, easy and of course, fun. I tend to stamp everything from my Christmas cards to my toiletry baskets. 

I went to Paper Source for all my materials, but you may go anywhere you like! Cutting your own cardstock is much cheaper than what I did, which was buy pre-cut cards, but I'm leaving the country on Tuesday, so I figured screw it. Here's what you'll need:

Cardstock colors of your choice


Rubber cement

Rubber stamps (one for invite, one for envelope seal, and letters)

Ink pads (I bought two colors, one for envelopes and one for invites)

Ink pen for writing invite info (I used Pigma Micron 05, or .45 mm)


First you'll glue your smaller pieces of cardstock to your bigger ones using the rubber cement. You do NOT need a lot of this stuff; it's hella strong. I just eyeballed it, but you can measure if ya like. Next, you'll do your stamping. Create whichever designs you like! just make sure to leave a space for any invite info. Finally, you'll write in your invitation details. I used a pencil and piece of paper to make fine lines on which to write that I erased later. If you want to free-hand, go for it!

And that's it! I can't wait to send these invites out, drink some tasty tea, and use these awesome stamps over and over again. This is a good project for weddings, too, especially if you want to save money. It's certainly more time-consuming than ordering invites, and you need to have decent handwriting, but it can save you a ton of cash. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Enjoy making your own invites! (And your own parties).



Friday Playlist

This song took me way too much time to find. But it's so catchy! And they're named THE CARROTS. They are also represented by Elefant Records, who rep a lot of other neat artists like Camera Obscura. 
Europe bound in a few days. So stoked. Happy Friday!


Hi guys,

I KNOW I've been slacking off with posts lately, so I'm sorry about that. I've been busy starting a new job at one of my favorite tea places, doing a wonderful staged reading of The Kiss by Cheryl Coons and Peter Eldridge and prepping to travel to Croatia in a week. In short, I am le stressed. But also le happy. Because life is good and I'm really looking forward to some good ol' European vacation time. 

I don't post often with doodles and sketches because I usually have so little time to do them, but I so love visual art and want it to be a part of this blog. My friend Hannah (who is the subject of this drawing) recently re-posted this picture I drew of her in my barista days and I was reminded that - oh yeah - I enjoy drawing. I hope to post more art as I go, especially doodles in Croatia. Until then, here's Hannah. 

Friday Playlist

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. 

These guys. THESE GUYS.